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Table of contents of this Journal [Dec. 21st, 2012|12:00 am]


-formlessnessx - True Genuine health and people who exploit and thrive off peoples bad health (rough draft)

--Drug companies BRIBING doctors!!! / Plus video

--Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness

--Brid flu: serves as biological warfare & to create martial law!!

--___What the tobacco industry is putting in the food you eat!!!

__FDA aka Fraud and Drug Administration


--Videos and articles on health and well being

Vidoes on and related to health



-Mind control -- Technology REAL!! Remote control a human / Forbes magazine

-Mind control -- fact or fiction? my writing plus videos and IREFUTABLE factual evidence.

--Videos on the Corporate drug companies and psychiatry!

__AWESOME article: Trinity Polarity, Duality,Polarity, Duality


___Symbolism of the inverted triangle.

__videos by the great Jordan Maxwell

___Jesuit videos.. the most powerful vile secret society in existence that is hiding behind the scenes!

__Jesuits: collection of videos & articles

__rough draft religion

--SYBOLISM: Become symbol literate: Videos and pictures

--Don't believe conspiracy THOERY

--911 truth VIDEOS / fire fighters , eye witnesses etc

--FREE movies & and full length documentaries etc

--Technology REAL!! Remote control a human / Forbes magazine

--The corporate media: Do you know who owns the media!? GREAT VIDEOS

--Recognize propaganda / Also great VIDEOS!

__DISTURBING: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

__WOW the BIBLE and astrology!!!

__DISTURBING: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

__US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

__Who REALLY is the criminals!!!

__regognize propaganda / Also a good video *

__Malcolm X's death... WHO?

* * By scrolling down directly below you may find posts I have not yet had the chance to add to my table of contents

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some people care but not enough [Nov. 13th, 2007|06:05 am]
I am so tired of letting myself down lately. I haven't been feeling that great , and on top of that it seems like we live in a world were no one cares about any important issues.. No one cares for the most part (majority) to try and make the world a better place if it means sacrifice to themselves or even if it simply makes them uncomfortable. For example people don’t care to look up what corporations like wal-mart is doing overseas that is unethical or about their relationship with communist china or if they do human rights violations or hurt the environment.. Alls they care about is their self centered desires to have lots of material things and don’t care what good things they low balls when they shop at wal-mart. People make up conspiracy theory to place outside blame so they don't have to feel responsible for what they do in their day to day lives and how it is all simply a reflection of the collective whole, and who they shop with that contributes to the problems or at least try and pick the lesser of the two evils so corporations will have to compete more based on what is right rather then cheap salve labor, outsourcing, unfair trade, and raping and exploiting other countries.

I am tired of both letting myself down and not doing enough, not taking care of my obligations, and also living in such a cold world were no one really cares at all. They only care if it is at their front door step. They don’t even want to hear about anything negative if it will make them feel obligated to make a "inconvenient" change.

All the information is out there but people don’t care enough to look.

We live in a world were the media put up movies like chain saw massacre, and , saw, and just mindless junk supporting torture murder, and genocide, Brainless celebrates (Or at least they play that role) in this country are worshiped and celebrities who ask any questions and make any real statements with any meaning or importance are shoot down. and everything bad and destructive as "cool" What motivates me to want to live on this planet full of utter insanity.

This against that .. the far extreme crazy left against the far extreme crazy right .. no balance..... The left coming with dogmatic religiosity promoting violence, and hate against non-believers and the far left promoting the other extreme or complete immorality and lack or regard for anyone.. I guess at least religious people have a moral code for at least their own kind while many leftist say ANYTHING goes, but they attack people who are more balanced, and instead spiritual rather then religious. Religion is about control, and has nothing to do with “god“ (many conceptions) .. However people are to dumb too see that the left and right shake hands behind the scenes and are really just playing a big game of good cop and bad cop. The world is a stage and both lead things to the same end.

I'm sick of this stupid pathetic ignorant world that is full of hate and lack of regard.... What is the point of this all... maybe we are supposed to learn from the challenges and confront it all despite outside circumstances, and just do our best, but I haven’t done my best and I am tired of disappointing myself. I want to share more in the world but I'm tired of disappointing myself, and in the end will it really make a difference?

Escapism seems wrong, but what else to do continue to fail or just put a stop to all. I feel like I want to give it a shoot, and do better but I haven't, and I just feel so uncertain about so many things lately, and not very optimistic.....

I was reading 48 laws of power a while back... is humanity really that DARK!!! I once said no it couldn’t be that terrible, but now I have doubts.. why would the world be in the state they are if people didn’t think like that?

What is there to do run on a continuous rat race this whole life where the corporate machines want to just keep people running, and people gladly do it and keep this system going where mobs and monopolies rule... What about freedom?.. instead we have oppressors like the world trade organization... I don’t think our founding fathers indented monopolies like we have today, and hardly a free market, and family business is destroyed for the majority. happened to the idea of free markets and no monopolies.

It's just crazy all that is going on in the world ,and you try an tell someone they will get pissed and or not want to hear it... That is what they did in Nazi Germany when Hitler ruled... When things come crashing down people will claim the ignorance they CHOSE and say they could do nothing.. They could have at least refused to support it companies which funded the SS, which today are companies like wal-mart and the tobacco and alcohol owned companies like Kraft foods, WTO (world trade organization) and too many to list who fund all these crimes against humanity

We were founded on a republic which means we are supposed to protect minority against mob rule, and are supposed to stand for liberty and freedom, but people don’t care enough o make the sacrifices to support freedom and fight against tyranny. That means not supporting things that re UNJUST like unjust wars for false reasons and companies the support exploitation.

The fact seems to be though people don’t care. Some people say they care about me.. But how can they really.. If I was born in a less privileged country they would not care one bit if their decision to shop for Nike shoes if it caused me to live in slavery making Nike shoes and was killed for not working fast enough…If they can be soo cold to support such torture how can they really care? Alls they care about is if they save a few dollars meanwhile the people down the street who is family owned are not supported by the majority like it used to be.. Not all these corporations basically growing big enough to own us all..

I hear things that sound terrible like overpopulation as a problem and depopulation…. I don’t’ thinks the root of the problem is in overpopulation.. I think there is solutions which everyone could consciously take part.. I think the problem lies in peoples hearts at large… Like people at large are a virus to the earth… People deny global warming, but things simple as going to the beach and seeing broken bottles everywhere and litter everywhere and stuff like that just proves and how’s people don’t care so of course they would want to deny bigger issues, and larger manifestations to what they added to it.

I used to be more optimistic and positive, but seems you look at reality and see things are not headed in a positive direction at large and otherwise…. And it doesn’t lead you to feeling great.

Who knows maybe Ron Paul will win and things will turn around in the world… I am just not hopeful anymore .. Maybe I feel like I haven't done enough and I can't make significant difference... History seems to repeat itself, but I am not sure why it should…
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Tool & it's relationship with Alex Grey/ Mysticism [Nov. 1st, 2007|07:39 pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm not a fan nor do I know a allot about tool, but upon coming across some of the art for the band I looked up who is doing their artwork, and I came across Alex Grey, and his relationship with tool which led to some interesting and entertaining interesting stuff.

Alex Grey {By www.alexgrey.com}





Tool - Parabola (Alex Grey Ending)


Author Jason Louv (Generation Hex, Ultraculture) and artist Alex Grey (Nirvana, TOOL) discuss magick and tantra at

the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 7/7/07.




perhaps the collective, Oversoul, which is made up of all those eyes, 3rd eye, is a macrocosim of the smaller

manifestation of the Triad. Perhaps we are the creators as "I" and as "we"? Or at least maybe thats what Tool is

suggesting. Who knows.

Tribute to Alex Grey music by Tool

Alex Grey - ARTMind: The Healing Power of Sacred Art


Alex Grey At Burning Man

Burning Man 2006



Burning Man 2007



List of Sacred and Mystical Exercises

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Love My intellectual thoughts Rough draft [Oct. 28th, 2007|02:24 pm]

Love My intellectual thoughts

Cynics would say love doesn’t exists or is just simply chemicals in the body, or it is just in the head or apart of the imagination, and regardless of weather or not which theories have bits of truth or not I believe in love and that it extends way beyond anything that science could possibly put into a test tube like many things in regard to mainstream science.

Love for me first and foremost is a caring for others and their well being, and that is my primary definition of love, and in that sense I love everyone in the world even if I do not like who they are i still care for them to be well because everyone has a effect upon the whole world, and I care and wish everyone would have a positive effect on the world because peoples sickness effects the whole world and we are all in this world breathing the same air together.

I think there is different degrees of love just as there is different degrees or levels of trust.

To describe in a broad general way about love rather then be too specific about types of love it seems certain things seem to come with the territory or be associated with love such as feelings of affection, desire to be loyal & and a feelings of connection, feeling drawn to that person, and being in their presence, and company, enjoyment , fondness. Feeling the desire to share with them and a feeling of warmness and comfortableness with that person. Feeling bonded with those you love and caring for their well being. Respect and regard.

Actions of love are kind and patent.

When you have more energy, and love for yourself you have more you can share with other people. The less love you for yourself the more empty and drained you are.

Ask dose it contribute or detract from love? Is it out of love or is it out of fear greed or simply some reactive or possibly irrational emotion.

Feelings of love bond people together like attachment like there is a bond or cord that is a nerve you share and feel connected by with each other, so that you will care enough to work through the challenges even when things get tough.

Love grows stronger with time as you grow and learn together, and they become a part of you and so in part they are you and you are them of course while at the same time keeping the basic fundamentals of who you are in your base personality etc.

Whether you feel love for someone or not is not something you can control and it is not based solely on conditions, but you should not be in a relationship with someone where the love is tainted, dysfunctional and unhealthy. Not all types of love are in the best interest of either party. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they will make a good romantic partner, and just because you love someone doesn’t mean you would make a good romantic couple. If the relationship hinders each others growth then things need to change or people needs to move forward.. It has been said sometimes the most loving thing one can do is let go especially if it in the best interest of the other person since love should be based on caring for the other person not selfishly on how you feel. Love is unconditional, but Romantic relationships aren’t always forever, and sometimes the quality of love becomes degraded from what it was or should be, and the best thing both parties could do is move on.

When you love someone you love them despite their imperfections and flaws that may bug you while at the same time you realize all of who they are make up who they are as a whole.

People feel bad when they hurt the person or do something unloving to ones they love since they are connected to them they are also hurting themselves. Sadly in some cases a persons ego keeps a person at times from coming clean, and admitting they are wrong and this prevents the relationship from moving forward.

Good ethics, and moral principle makes you feel good and love yourself more. When you are not solid in your ethics morals and don’t practice what you know, and feel is good and right you can hide your awareness but deep down you will know, and it will effect you and your love for yourself, and your ability to share love with others. If you are low on ethics you are not going to be able to be so high in love no matter how much you fool yourself.

There is qualities, and levels of love which make it better, and more voluble or dysfunctional and unhealthy and low in value, but without going into further detail, and on about other types of love such as romantic love which contains other elements etc I think i have covered all the basics as what could be considered ideal in love ,and in what others accept or reject as love could be considered very subjective and vary widely from person to person, so it's is good to ask a person.. What do you consider love to be? What makes you feel loved? And to also ask yourself those questions. Some people have strange relationships where one person sees it as love and other people might see the same thing as abuse, and certainly I think their is a big difference between love that is more on the positive spectrum and having elements that are constructive, and healthy rather then destructive and more like a bad drug addiction. Sometimes peoples ideals of love in their head will just leave them feeling drained and empty and constantly chasing a elusive happiness if it is not genuine love. First I think we must start with ourselves. (loving ourselves and extending that same love to others. )

None of us are prefect for sure. WE can only strive to love more and more every day if we want things to improve and improve the world around us.
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-Honesty ethic morals rough draft [Oct. 28th, 2007|02:21 pm]
-Honesty ethic morals

Related thoughts
Write also beliefs and love, censorship, and being real and sincere. Extremes. paradoxes and the means between them I am all but what ratio of each is the question.

Here I pondered some thoughts on ethics morals and honesty and related topics so I wrote some out, provoked some thought through discussing with friends and looked up some philosophy stuff etc to fuel the fire on the subject.

A person who is not honest with themselves, and practices self deception and often those who are not very in touch with themselves can not possibly be very honest with others.

A honest person who cares about truth considers all information unbiased and is careful about deciding any which way without any evidence or reason, and even still stays open to the many possibilities and new incoming information which may possibly add to, shift and balance the perspectives previously gained.

A honest person gives information to those in which it is their business to know. For example to a friend it may be none of their business how many miles is on your car unless you were selling your car to them. In such instances full honesty means full disclosure, and transparency in order to give the person to fair chance to make a good well informed decision.

On the other hand I do not think being honest as some people interprets it as meaning you have any obligation to be a blabber mouth about every little detail of your life or things that are not necessarily a persons business to know business. For those certain occasions I avoid the question or simply tell them outright that it is none of their business as nice and respectful a possible of course.

And to be honest sometimes I do lie .. It is still a lie regardless and thus not a positive thing, and ideally we should not have to tell lies, but certainly if a gun were put to my head in some wired circumstance I would not cooperate, and be truthful just as I would not want to be cooperative or feel I owe any integrity to a terrorist or criminal or to those who might do me or others harm with any real information they would gain since they aren’t after the information for good purposes but only to give them more power to do more harm then they could without that information. I would not be honest, and give them information they could use, and I might lie to confuse, and mislead them. I am most honest I must admit with those I TRUST.

A honest communicator can make clear, and communicate with you honestly about their attitude and actions towards you.

Thomas Jefferson!:

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not ask within the limits of the law, because law is often but the tyrants will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual, and no man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.

Rule of law under the constitution: Principles written in stone unlike people remain the same. People can often deviate and become degraded from good principles.

Speak to others heart about the heart of the matter to get to the root.

Common sense ethics: It is negative to rob a bank , lie cheat, steal.

Consider the

1 Intent: Is it constructive or destructive?

2 DEED: Was it intended? What was the result of the deed? Was it helpful or do you need to take responsibility for the negative impact it had?

3. Action: Was the action accomplished in which they intended to commit the action in which positively or negativity and destruction resulted?

Pressing negative circumstances might in some cases force a person to steal in order for them to peruse their own survival, but a negative circumstance doesn’t transform and negative action to be positive, because certainly it would be positive and ideal that one would NOT have to steal in order to peruse their own survival. It is what it is and one should not try and justify it away from the simple facts, and although I certainly would understand and feel compassion for someone stealing from a store if they were starving as I WOULD DO THE SAME or other pressing circumstances and I would not judge them for it, but I notice many people can get pretty creative to justify their negative actions which harm another as somehow totally good and justified...

-Ask yourself what is the fruits of your actions?


Treat others as you would like to be treated if you were they.

If and when you as an imperfect person has made the same mistake as another person may be making then consider how you would like to be addressed in your wrong doing? And proceed to treat them with the same respect when addressing how they wronged you.

Treat your inferiors as you would want your superiors to treat you.

Consider if you are being fair by asking of someone what you yourself are unwilling to do?

We should bear ourselves towards others as we would desire they bear themselves towards us.

What you would avoid suffering yourself you should avoid imposing on others.

In regards to our environment we should ask ourselves what would happen if everyone did what you are doing. Thinking of that if the whole world acted as some of the wasteful destructive corporations in some countries then I think the whole world would be destroyed VERY quickly.. Greed and over consumption, waste and lack of care. If one is not in tune with the well being of our world, and life on this planet in general then I would say that is wrong.

Whatever is disagreeable to yourself do not do to others.

Do not do unto others that which would anger you if others did it to you.

What stirs your anger when done to you by others that do not do to others. (Socrates)

Don't create enmity with anyone as THE ALL is within everyone. Strive to understand as understanding heals all harsh negative emotions and allows you to handle the problem with compassion care and thought and appropriately responding to the issue. behavior rather then reactively reacting and attacking the person and making things worse.

Strive to treat others as you wish to be treated yourself, and this is the shortest way to benevolence.



Also found here:


What a man dislikes in his superiors, let him not display in the treatment of his inferiors; what he dislikes in inferiors, let him not display in the service of his superiors; what he hates in those who
are before him, let him not therewith precede those who are behind him; what he hates in those who are behind him, let him not bestow on the left; what he hates to receive on the left, let him not bestow on the right:-this is what is called "The principle with which, as with a measuring square, to regulate one's conduct." END.

Ask yourself if you were wrong how would you like to be addressed about it?

Strive to treat others as you love to be treated.

What is hateful to you do not do to others.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

An eye for a eye makes the whole world blind.

Every man should be free to do as he wills provided he infringes not the equal freedom of others. (equal liberty)

Moral core: There is no exceptions that make a negative action positive. It is hat it is.: Rationalizing or justifications. It is what it is and it either contributes positively or not.

Hedonism is worshiping of short sighted desire which is often that which plays into instant gratification has long term negative consequences. It may feel good to spend it all now but latter when in need you will not have the money when it is really important.

Misplaced blame reflects lack of responsibility.. Instead of looking to see what they can do about it they blame it on outside circumstances. EVEN if outside circumstances contribute to the problems their is always something you can do to improve the situation or outcome etc, and it is always best and most useful to focus on what is in your power and control. I notice many conspiracy theorists focus on the external problems of the world excessively in order to take their attention off their own issues and where they could be making a difference. Or a person who nitpicks at a person to keep their own attention off their issues and maybe much bigger flaws. People who like to read gossip magazines and jerry Springer which reflects their own insecurity and feelings of inadequacy, and by poking at others they can superficially feel better about themselves.

Bottom line is it is useless to focus on which is not within our power. HOWEVER I notice many people justify without much thought on issues they would rather not confront that SUPPOSEDLY they can't make a difference which I believe in many cases is simply a lie they comfort themselves with so that they may attempt to feel better about not taking action or confronting the issue.

People sometimes use Scapegoats to distract from the real causes in their lives.

Ask what would be the result if everyone followed it? harmony or disharmony? Function? or dysfunction?

Ask is your or their intent positive or negative?

Do you feel the need to justify or rationalize? When you do ask why?

Is any memory or cognitive bias involved?

People who are trying to escape confronting their responsibilities may cover with self deception, cognitive dissonance, justification, blame and minimization.

-Deception may possibly include;

-false dilemma (illusion of choice or choices) or you are either with us or against us rather then you partly agree with some things or some aspects or you stand on neither side of a particular issue but you are at large for them. For example I may at large support a person in most regards, but not be supportive of aspects I do not feel are positive or good for that person... Such as I do not support a loved one to use drugs, and would do my best to be unsupportive in their decision to use drugs and discourage such destructive behavior.

-True believer syndrome involves lack of honesty to look at all the facts. Such people are not able to be honest in that aspect and i suspect it will bleed into other areas of their lives.

Group think & peer pressure: in such instances as group think and cult like following what is popular is not being honest of your true feelings but just following the crowd. Some people lie to themselves with the justification if everyone else is doing it then it is okay and good. It is not good to compare yourself to others in regard to what is good as the masses are often wrong, and if you lived in Nazi Germany other dictators could say they are better then most people but that docent' necessarily mean they are a very good person either.

Mind guards and filtering of information that might make us feel bad thus not being intellectually honest about all the facts.

-Preventing group think:

Allowing and assigning each person as critical evaluator, and allowing each member to air objections and doubts.

Assign several independent groups working towards the same goal.

All effective alternatives should be examined.

Invite outside experts to discuss question, and debate. Assign one member as a devil advocate.

Aristotle: Each of the moral virtues is a mean between two corresponding vices. IE courage is the mean between the to vices of cowardice and fool-hardiness.

Anyone who claims that no moral absolute exists has no right to justify and defend their own existence. According to this argument if a moral relativist is intellectually honest then they have no right to claim that they should remain unharmed by other individuals who adhere to a subjectively determined or culturally bound moral theory which dose not regard causing harm to moral relativists as wrong. In this sense it is impossible for a moral relativist to hold he has the right to not be harmed or a right to exist. . And in doing so formulate their own set of moral values in the first place. Consequently the theory breaks down due to the theoretically vanishing number of individuals present to support a theory that states their is no right and wrong. Just as they are unable to argue human rights violations are wrong.

By taking care of yourself you have more energy health and vitality that you can utilize to help others better with. If you are sick and bed ridden you are severely limited in how you may care for and share with others. Hygiene, sleep, diet and stress levels all effect your energy.

it is importnat to Exercise self restraint so that you respond appropriately and rationally.

It is negative to practice rampant escapism which some people manifests in drugs, substance abuse, and addiction which could take many forms which could vary so much to the individual that it would be impossible to list them all here. Impulsive escapist type behavior especially like drugs encourages being out of touch with reality and delusion.

Values that break up relationships are negative such as disloyalty, being promiscuous which certainly seems nature has it's consequences for such lifestyles with sexually transmitted disease and other consequences.

Sex is okay within the boundaries of doing so in a relationship which the parties involved have trust, comfort, respect , care and love for one another, and not just for the purposes of selfish instant gratification or validation.

Children are important to care for since today’s children are tomorrows civilization or lack thereof depending on how a society cares for their children.

Strive to respect and honor those with more experience then you and elders, and family members.

Be an example. Live it!

It is negative and destructive to murder, but okay to kill in self defense or for food.

Support only a fair justice system that helps and protects freedom.

All men are or should all be equal under the rule of law. (under the same law without special rights to rule over others such as in a monarchy! )

Support only which protects or at least that which doesn’t hinder individual freedoms, and what is positive for the planet and respectful of all life.

Withdraw and do your best not to be a part of the medium which supports, cradles ,and perpetuates negativity. Especially groups and businesses which dose harm and commits negative action against foredooms and doesn’t respect individual human rights.

Ethical consumerism: If you care about human rights, and human decency!!


A society can’t prosper for very long or function at all without components of some good.

Show kindness, and care towards your environment beginning with your immediate environment and extending that same care out to the rest of the world. A clean environment positively effects morale.

Personal responsibility focuses on what is in your own personal power. Someone who doesn’t want to be responsible looks outside their own responsibility habitually, and constantly will nose in other peoples business.

Be the following or be diligently following a action plan to get better at:

-being worthy of trust.

-being reliable

-Share be generative and give back value to the world around you.

-Discharge the weight of obligations by taking care of the weight of debt.

-Stay active: Inactivity is unhealthy. Morale is boosted by accomplishment.

-Be competent. Constantly value knowledge and most importantly your ability to ably it with competent consistent skill through observation study and most of all lots of in field practice.

-Learn to look at things directly without your ego filtering and obscuring the facts by letting prejudice and being biased get in the way, or without fear of others interpretations and what they think of you or getting their approval prevent you from being real and genuine!

Instead of arguing strive to help others stand back and objectively observe and experience for themselves.

Learn to practice, demonstrate and apply wisdom.

Support peoples freedom to believe as they chose whether you agree with their doctrine or not, and only step in their way if they practice taking actions doctrine IF it infringes and steps on the toes of others. Such as people in a cult who was trying to act on making a human sacrifice which oversteps their rights and onto others rights.

Treat others as you would like to be treated if you were they.

Have loyal friends and companions

Have good sportsmanship

Be fair and honest, and considerate of others.

I have not been as good as I would like to be and I am gettign tired of that.
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Jewish Holocaust survivors , anti-antisemitism (racism), Catholic Nazi Connections VIDEO AND TEXT [Oct. 26th, 2007|09:23 pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Catholic Nazi Connections



Martin Luther's Antisemitism


Martin Luther



Anti-Semitism Today!



Second Footage of Holocaust+Third Reich



Peter Kleinmann Holocaust Survivor


Nazi Concentration Camps (Nuremberg Trial Film) WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!


Child Holocaust Survivor Speaks at Oakton, Skokie



Allen Hornblum: Prisoners used for Medical Experiments 1/6



Borat - Throw the Jew Down the Well


What World Famous Men Said About The Jews. Part 1.




Survival, a Holocaust Survivor Tells Her Story -- Magda Herzberger




Jews were often condemned by populist politicians alternately for their left-wing politics, or their perceived wealth, at the turn of the century. [citation needed] Anti-semitism grew in the years leading up to America's entry into World War II, Father Charles Coughlin, a radio preacher, as well as many other prominent public figures, condemned "the Jews," and Henry Ford reprinted The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in his newspaper. [citation needed]


The Vatican and its Friends
By Shelomo Alfassa April 4, 2005

This article was written before the death of John Paul II

In February, the Vatican blamed Israel for not protecting Christians in violence that took place in a Galilee village, when members of the Druze community attacked Christians. The Vatican demanded that Israel place a permanent police force in the village to protect the Christian citizens; however, when Israel places a police force in towns to protect Jews from Palestinian attacks, the Israelis are labeled as occupiers. This type of double standard has become par for the course when dealing with the Vatican.

The Vatican knows about terrorism, about Palestinian Arabs attacking Jews, but when Israel decided to make a defensive move by constructing a security fence, Israel was criticized by the Church. The Pope's spokesman, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray said the Israeli fence, "inevitably creates a geography of apartheid, which provokes rather than controls violence... it lacerates the human fabric."

We really need to wake up and reexamine if the Vatican is our friend. Last week, world newspapers ran stories and photos of 160 Jews "blessing the Pope." The Pave the Way Foundation, which organized the meeting in Rome, said, "We have traveled here with the blessings of millions of our faith in order to thank you." Well, with all due respect to that group, I doubt millions of Jews were sending blessings to Vatican City.

Halacha (Jewish Law) was nowhere to be found at that event. In the presence of the chief rabbis of Italy, the Pope was praised, Catholic saints were spoken of and the Jews presented the Pope with a cross. The media referred to 160 "world Jewish leaders", which immediately begged the question - what Jewish leaders? They were not political leaders of Israel, nor were they top American politicians that happen to be Jewish. Who they were, were mostly businessmen from New York, none whom wore a kippah, but who all shook hands with the Pope, calling him "Your Holiness". For a Jew, what is holy about the Pope?

Website photos show the founder of the Pave the Way Foundation posing with monks, nuns and members of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem. The latter is the Church led by Irineos I, the very man who wrote last year that Jews were "descendants of the crucifiers of our Lord," the same man caught trying to smuggle a pistol into Ramallah to meet Arafat, a loyal friend of his. Irineos' spokesman, Atallah Hana, caused controversy for the Greek Orthodox Church after statements he made in favor of suicide attacks. Israeli police detained and questioned him regarding his pro-terrorism statements, his illegal travels to Syria and Lebanon, his meeting with the head of the Hizbullah and his remarks of support for "martyrdom by Palestinian men and women."

The Jews operating the Pave the Way Foundation desire to have part of the Kever David HaMelech (traditional tomb of King David) on Mt. Zion handed over to the Vatican. Currently, the building belongs to the State of Israel, but this group feels it should be taken away from the Jews and given to the Vatican. This is the very building where until the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967, people migrated to pray as it was the closest location to the Western Wall. David Ben-Gurion planted trees in its ancient courtyard, Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira (the "Baba Sali") made a pilgrimage there and the place remains holy to Jews; yet, this husband and wife team that runs their organization from Long Island, New York are working to convince the Israeli government to transfer this building to the Vatican. As the husband has been knighted by the Pope, he can represent him to the Israeli authorities, some of whom he has met with previously, such as Chaim Silberstein, the chief of staff of the Minister of Tourism, and Director of Religious Affairs Gadi Golan.

The Pave the Way Foundation, representing itself as leaders of the Jewish world, have said the Pope has made it a "sin to be anti-Semitic," and that he has "been a friend to the Jewish people and has tried to bridge the ancient gap." These statements are baseless, made by "tikkun olam pagans" in their self-fulfilling desire to play quasi-ambassador of the Jews.

Note, the Papacy they are talking about is the same one currently considering making a "saint" of Isabella of Castile, the 15th century queen of Spain who initiated the Inquisition. The Vatican already has taken a step forward towards this, officially granting Isabella the title "Servant of God." Where is the outrage of the Jewish community? This scenario would be like Gerhard Schroder, Chancellor of Germany, taking steps to make Adolf Hitler a saint. As revisionists, and the Vatican, turn Isabella into a saint, this same Pope plans to canonize Pope Pius XII, who was largely silent about the Nazi genocide against the Jews when he reigned during World War II. On his sick bed just two weeks ago, the Pope stated, "I will not die before I canonize Pope Pius XII."

The Church has a precedent for making Isabella a saint. In the 15th century, the Vatican canonized Vincent Ferrer. Vincent was a man who was responsible for inciting furious mobs that burned Jewish shops and homes and murdered Jews throughout Spain starting in 1391. When order was restored one year later, it was estimated that 100,000 Jews had been killed, another 100,000 had converted to Christianity, and another 100,000 had survived by going into hiding or fleeing to Muslim lands. Today, schools named Saint Vincent Ferrer are dotted across the globe, everyone seeming to have forgotten who he was. The Catholic Encyclopedia praises Ferrer, saying, "multitudes were won over by his preaching."

Many in the Jewish community forget there is a well-crafted, strategically minded and highly funded crusade to convert the Jewish people, and the Vatican is conspiring in this cause. There is a secretive group called the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism, which was founded in association with American preacher Billy Graham. The Vatican has participated in this conference, which strategizes on how to target the Jewish people for conversion. One of the Lausanne Occasional Papers stated that God has forsaken the Jews for not believing in the Christian scriptures and Jesus. Their statement is purely anti-Semitic, for what type of greater anti-Semitism exists than telling Jews that their God has forsaken them?

In 2001, the Vatican initiated a meeting among Christians who call themselves Messianic Jews. These people are part of the Presbyterian-funded proselytization movement known as Messianic Judaism, which is growing in Israel and remains problematic across the globe. Shockingly, Israel just issued the world's largest messianic proselytizing group Jews for Jesus an amutah, official non-profit recognition from the government to operate in Israel. When The Passion of the Christ was released, it was met with criticism from Orthodox Jewish leaders in Israel and around the world. But even in the face of criticism, the Vatican thought differently. Reports released said the film portrayed the death of Jesus as accurate: "It is as it was."

The Vatican consider themselves supreme rulers of the world, superior to all common people, kings, prime ministers and presidents. All that is missing is a title of power, and the Pope almost had that. Only a few years ago, the Catholic leader sought the ultimate authority, he was going to announce himself as the Holy Roman Emperor, reigning from the Urals to the Atlantic.

Just last month, the Vatican "graciously" opened its "secret archives", which contain a large amount confiscated Jewish property. The repository will "loan" to Israel papers of Maimonides, which they have held captive since the 12th century. For hundreds of years, Jews have wanted these documents, among other items, but the Vatican has denied access to them. If the Vatican was intrinsically good, if they really wanted to make a gesture towards peace, they would hand over all of the Jewish material to the Jewish people. These games of "letting us borrow" our own materials is preposterous and juvenile.

Planning the conversion of the Jews; working with non-Israelis to obtain Jewish holy places and give them to the Vatican; holding priceless historical materials of the Jews hostage; and making people like Isabella of Spain a saint -- how much more absurdity can we stand? Some keep denying the fact that the Vatican is not a friend of the Jews; how can they remain so foolish?

Views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of israelinsider.
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Nothing against Gays, but gays should not influence how women look, or are portrayed in the media [Oct. 20th, 2007|03:29 am]
Again nothing against gays. Below this my commentary and below that is references and examples.

I for one think it's not a good thing that we have gays telling female models how to look if they do not love the females body as it is naturally designed to be as strait men do intimately. Women should have hips and all those feminine traits, and these fashion models simply look like young boys because they starved themselves so much they never developed sexually etc. Also Why are gays writing movie scripts on how women are portrayed to behave.. Isn’t it a woman’s place to write scripts on how a women behaves?... Clearly there is a difference between how gay men act and strait women, and in movies women are being made to act like gay men.. It just isn't a accurate portrayal of how women act , or look biologically, so it's just not healthy.. Its' not any more right then strait people writing movie scripts for how gay people act written by strait people.

Men are being brainwashed to believe the starved anorexic girls are the ones that they need to be attracted to and girls are hurting their health trying to match these images and behaviors to be cool and down socially..

Is Sex and the City gay?



Mad TV - Sluts and the City


Mad TV - Desperate Housewives


On The Simpsons, the show was parodied as "Nookie in New York". Marge's sister described it as "a show about four straight women who act like gay men".

Sex and the City brought to the greater public eye the now wildly popular cosmopolitan, originally known as a pink kamikaze.

The characters have been criticized for being shallow, superficial, and self-absorbed.[4]. An issue of. It asked, "Supposedly she's become a feminist icon. Does that mean that all women should aspire to be materialistic, cocktail-swilling homewreckers?"

Sex and the City has also been criticized for focusing exclusively on wealthy, white characters and ignoring non-whites, the poor, and those living in New York's poorer neighborhoods; the characters themselves have been accused of being elitist.[5] Further, some opined that the show made the four women look shallow by having them talk about nothing but sex, shoes and shoping.

Marc Cherry (born March 23, 1962) is an American writer and producer. He is best known for being the creator of the show Desperate Housewives.

Cherry was described in an article about him in Newsweek as a "somewhat conservative, gay Republican."[2]

When Jerry Falwell was asked how he felt about that, he said "the fact that he’s a gay Republican means he should join the Democratic Party."[3]

On June 29, 2006, Cherry [4] accepted Log Cabin Republicans' American Visibility Award at a dinner in Hollywood where the main award recipient was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who received the club's "Courage To Lead" award.

Here's an interesting article (NWS) that argues that the reason supermodels are so skinny and tall is because the industry is run by gay men (fashion designers), and skinny tall women most resemble young adolescent boys. I thought that was nuts until they pointed out how supermodels tend to have masculine looking faces, with a strong jawline, no breasts, no butt, and such. Interesting. And those who like to see semi-naked female models, don't forget to follow the various links for more, um, research (none are worksafe).

Gay Men and the Fashion Industry and It,s relationship with Anorexia........Something godda change!!!!?

I am NOT a homophobic!!, this is merely an OBSERVATION(so put down ur pollitically correct pistols!).Have u noticed that the High Priests of the FEMALE fashion industry happened to be MEN and GAY!Gay men prefer young men and young men tend to have NARROW HIPS and some could quite easily slip into some of those dresses!!. What I am suggesting is that the top echelons of the FEMALE fashion industry r MEN(invariably gay), designing clothes that are really only suitable for those women whom have a figure that resembles a slim young man,s figure(NO **** or HIPS thank u)Women r not physically designed that way, they have hips and **** and if the truth be known us men thank god for that!So we have this paradoxical situation whereby u have gay men designing clothes 4 slim young men and a bunch of waifs starving and puking themselves 2 death in order to fit into the flashy rags! I don,t see hardly any Women bringing this up. It should be Women designing clothes 4 Women. Women r DIFFERENT to MEN

Here's an interesting article (NWS) that argues that the reason supermodels are so skinny and tall is because the industry is run by gay men (fashion designers), and skinny tall women most resemble young adolescent boys. I thought that was nuts until they pointed out how supermodels tend to have masculine looking faces, with a strong jawline, no breasts, no butt, and such. Interesting. And those who like to see semi-naked female models, don't forget to follow the various links for more, um, research (none are worksafe).

Why are fashion models so skinny?


The backsides of high-fashion models vs. those of glamour models


Hefner likes to watch gay pornography while having sex with this girfriends.


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Movies advertising, smoking & misc VIDEOS [Oct. 7th, 2007|10:11 pm]
Advertising - What psychological tricks do they use?


How Subliminal Advertising Tries To Make You Fat


Documentary on Tobacco in Indian Movies


Positively Negative


"Sex Sells"


Consumerism in the movies


The Birth of modern Psychiatry: Part 4 of 4


How is pharma and psychiatry connected to foster care?

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Corporate media SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMING , anorexia, obesity, drugs alcohol drugs and consumerism [Oct. 6th, 2007|09:10 pm]
Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising's Image of Women


Slim Hopes: Advertising & the Obsession With Thinness


Anorexia in the Media


Subliminal McDonald's ad on Food Network


McDonalds subliminal ad


McDonalds subliminal ad

Add to My Profile | More Videos

The Killing Screens: Media & the Culture of Violence


Deadly Persuasion: The Advertising of Alcohol & Tobacco


Cigarette commercial with subliminal messages



PROGRAMMING THE NATION - Mark Mothersbaugh 01 - DEVO






Noam Chomsky - Programming The Nation




(Manufacturing Consent in America)


MASTER P: Hip Hop Stereotypes Testimony Before Congress

THE CORPORATION [1/23] What is a Corporation?


In Debt We Trust: How Did We Get Into This Mess?


Beyond Good & Evil: Children, Media & Violent Times


PROGRAMMING THE NATION - Philip Farber - FutureRitual - 03


XXXXX PROGRAMMING THE NATION - Philip Farber - FutureRitual - 01


I do not know allot about the program below but it looks interesting.. Their concept is since we are brainwashed to eat junk food and do things that are counterproductive to our healthy through subliminal that we can reprogram yourself by listening things that give us subliminal to do the opposite and program us to eat healthy.. Thought the only question I have is how do you use a subliminal fro just a short 30 days that is supposed to cancel out say 20+ years of subliminal stuff to do the opposite.. None the less it appears it has been successful for MANY people which is reflected by it's good product reviews on Amazon... The other problem is most people for a reason they may be unaware of want to keep their problem and keep punishing and sabotage themselves... strange things we people do at times.. Any ways I am not sure if this is the solution, but it may be the solution or at least be helpful who knows..


30-Day Subliminal Weight Loss Program: Lose Fat While Your Unconscious Mind Does The Work (DVD & CD) DVD ~ Steve Murray

New DVD program Lose Fat and Weight! Stop Eating Junk Food In 5 Minutes a Day For 21 Days with bonus CD also by body and mind is now on Amazon.

Program is set up like a book with segments making it easy to learn program

No will power needed! No diet, special foods, pills, or exercise are required!

Potato chips, cookies, donuts, chocolate, you name it! Pick a junk food you want to stop eating, then start the 5 minutes a day for 21 days Food Feelings Program and let your unconscious mind do the work! You will soon find yourself reducing the consumption of the junk food selected, or eliminating it completely from your diet. Food Feelings are programmed in your unconscious mind and they motivate you to eat junk foods you like.

In this DVD you will learn step-by-step how to identify, then change those Food Feelings so you will lose the desire to eat junk food in only 5 minutes a day for 21 days.

DVD Includes BR> -Complete step-by-step on camera instructions by Emmy winner Pat Matthews BR> -Charts and graphics to make it easy to learn the Food Feelings Program BR> -Why and how the Food Feelings Program works, what to expect from the program, and much, much moreBR> -A bonus Audio CD to help guide you through the program your first few times

The Food Feelings Program can also be used in conjunction with any diet, exercise or weight loss program

Product Description
-30-Day Subliminal Weight Loss Program Lose Fat While Your Unconscious Mind Does The Work (DVD & CD)

No Will Power or Special Diet Needed! Program can be used by itself, or in conjunction with any diet or weight loss program

Also included in package a 20-minute music CD with all the subliminal messages to be used with DVD Subliminal Messages have been used for years to reprogram and change consumers minds in advertising. Now you can use the same process to lose fat, effortlessly!

If you can watch a 20-minute DVD everyday for 30 days, and listen to a music CD (included) at least every third day, you can reprogram your unconscious mind to lose fat and live a healthier life. ITs THAT SIMPLE!

The DVD consists of different scenes of beautiful mountain streams with flowing water and soothing music. But, there are images and powerful subliminal messages continuously imbedded throughout the scenes and music. Only your unconscious mind will be able to see and hear them. These subliminal messages in 30-days will reprogram your mind to lose fat and have healthy habits.

The Subliminal Messages Are: Become slim & healthy- Lose fat & inches- Drink plenty of water- Eat fruits & vegetables- Eat less sugar & fat- Motivation & desire- Eat smaller of portions of food- Have fun & enjoy life- Exercise safely- Eat until your body is nourished, then stop

DVD Includes: -Instructions for the 30-day program -Subliminal messages how and why they work -20- Minute subliminal program


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what is with the police? [Oct. 3rd, 2007|01:22 pm]
Thin Blue Line Notifier


DA Lane Caught on Tape at FOP Meeting


Police call Andrew Meyer a "Threat to Society"


The Skull & Bones Society: Secrets Revealed




WTO seatle police abuse

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